Meet our Maker Community

We are delighted to introduce our Maker Community – a group of 150 women in 5 Indian states, who lie at the very heart of Secret Projects.

Working closely with established and reputable Indian based charities and NGO’s, we are able to link with communities of women with good sewing skills, who want to be able to earn their own living from their expertise, but need support to find income-generating opportunities. The women are warmly welcomed into our Maker Community, form their own local Maker Groups and with our guidance learn how to make Secret Products.

We are passionate about our Makers development and one of our key aims is to inspire them to set up their own micro-enterprise, if this is something they would like to pursue. We understand how complex this can be, from sourcing premises, to quality control and understanding branding and marketing. This is why we have tailored our Virtual Training for Empowerment Programme to cover as many aspects as possible to provide our Makers with training that is relevant to their ambitions and goals, as well as being supportive and inspirational.

Each one of our Maker Group decides on their name and we spend time discussing their hopes and dreams as they become part of our Maker Community. Each woman is very much an individual to us and we hope you enjoy learning more about the people who make our Secret Products with such love and care.