Meet our Maker Community

One of the aims of Secret Projects is to inspire our Makers to start their own micro-businesses / micro-enterprises. To be successful in such a venture an understanding of branding is essential. From the very beginning of our Training For Empowerment Programme we introduce this concept. We ask each of our Maker Networks to come up with a name for themselves and ask them to describe their hopes and dreams for themselves and their business activity. We are delighted to introduce you to our Maker Networks.

The women that join our Maker Community begin their journey with Secret Projects via our relationships with reputable and established Indian NGO's. Through these partnerships, we are able to meet groups of women with amazing stitching skills who go on to join our Maker Community and become part of our 4 stage Empowerment Programme.

One of our main aims is for women who show leadership qualities and wish to enhance these skills, be given the opportunity to work towards forming their own micro-enterprises and go on to become business women in their own right. We are passionate about our Makers development and support each women in the way that she needs. Each women is an individual and our Empowerment Programme assists each one of them to realise their unique hopes and ambitions.