Our business model

Secret Projects Community Benefit Society (SPCBS) is a social enterprise. A social enterprise is an organisation that applies business models to solve social issues.​

As a social enterprise, Secret Projects operates a framework, which allows the organisation to generate positive change to our community to achieve our vision of a world where all women have the confidence and resources to make choices, thrive and contribute to the strengthening of their communities, while maintaining healthy financial returns to our Members/Shareholders. ​

To maintain a balance between positive change and healthy financial returns, SPCBS has developed a business model, which is a hybrid of three business models: ​

Cooperative Business

Entrepreneur Support ​

Market Linkage

Please read on for more information about our business model.

The Cooperative Business Model​

​Similar to a cooperative, the CBS is owned by its Members/Shareholders – individuals and companies who share Secret Projects vision of a world where all women have the confidence and resources to make choices, thrive and contribute to the strengthening of their communities. ​

They are social investors with a shared goal to achieve positive social impact within the communities they benefit, while receiving moderate interest on their investment when profits are generated by the company in the future. ​

By purchasing shares in SPCBS, all members subscribe to the rules of the society.

The Entrepreneur Support Model​

To achieve its social vision, SPCBS encourages entrepreneurship amongst women by providing training, and commercialisation through our four stage Virtual Training for Empowerment Programme. ​

​Working closely with established and reputable Indian based charities and NGOs, we link up with communities of women who have good sewing skills who want to be able to earn a living from their expertise, but need support to find income generating opportunities. These women become part of our Maker Community, forming local Maker Groups and, with our guidance, learn how to make Secret Projects clothing and homeware, known as Secret Products.

Each woman becomes part of our 4 stage Virtual Training for Empowerment Programme that not only provides a route to both the domestic and international sales markets, but also gives each member the tools to be able to form their own micro-enterprises, if this is something they want to pursue.​

The Market Linkage Model

SPCBS has a subsidiary in India, Social Power India (SPI), an income-generating and profit- making arm of the business, which helps it to achieve its objective of maintaining healthy financial returns. The business provides access to international and local markets through SPI by using its e-commerce platform, powered by Shopify to:

Market products produced by Secret Projects Maker Community
Linking our customers with our Maker Community by the promotion and selling of Secret Projects travel experiences for teachers, artists and tourists to the heart of our project in India

Linking with big businesses
Our pro bono law firm is international law firm Hogan Lovells
We enjoy a close relationship with the UK's leading cause based crowdfunding platform, Crowdfunder UK
Joining up with Royal Sun Alliance Accenture India team was a productive link up for Secret Projects

Linking with universities
We develop working relationships with universities providing access to our Maker Community to conduct research programmes
Universities we have worked with include: Christ Canterbury Christ Church University (UK), Goldsmiths (UK), London Business School (UK),  UCL and Westminster University (UK), Madras College of Social Work, India

If you would like to talk to us about our business model and how we might work together, please email Fritha Mason, CEO SPCBS: fritha@secretprojects.org