The need...

There are millions of women in India who have few or no opportunities to earn an income and many of those who are employed, often find themselves in low paid and unethical positions. When we discovered this fact, we knew there was a massive need to offer women in India a different way to make a living, one that could hopefully use their existing skills, as well as helping to develop new ones.

When our CEO, Fritha, a keen sewer herself, discovered that girls are taught stitching skills from a young age by mothers and grandmothers as well as at school, she knew there was an opportunity to somehow marry this expertise with a way of making money, so women could support themselves and their families. And... Secret Projects was born.

Our vision...

A world where all women have the confidence and resources to make choices, thrive and contribute to the strengthening of their communities.

Our values...

Our values below are a fundamental aspect of who we are and how we operate as an organisation. These values are not only upheld by Secret Projects staff, but by our Maker Communities, our shareholders and customers, as well as our influencers and Secret Leaders.

We have self-belief

We support one another

We believe in team- work

We persist

We think and think again

We trust our instinct

We take pride in everything we do

We work with joy

We have an entrepreneurial mindset and...

We celebrate leadership