A very warm welcome to our Investment area

Secret Projects is the trading name for Secret Projects Community Benefit Society Limited. Our society was registered on 10th October 2019 and our registration number is 8216.

A Community Benefit Society is an enterprise run by the community for the benefit of the community. In the case of Secret Projects Community Benefit Society, the community benefiting from our activities are the women (and their families) in India who are part of our Maker Community.

Community Benefit Societies sell community shares to people that care about the community being benefited. Please watch the video below to understand more.

What are community shares?

Join us!

We would like to invite Secret Projects Customers and friends, as well as social investors to join our community of 260 investors and own Secret Projects with us.

This video was created to inspire our first investors to come on board... Please watch and be inspired yourself.

Secret Projects Community Benefits Society

Investment details are:

  • Community Shares in Secret Projects CBS are £10 each with a minimum share investment of just 5 shares per person, totalling £50
  • Both Adults and under 16’s can own shares
  • Shares can be gifted (to both adults and under 16’s)
  • Shares can be bought over a period of time and paid for in monthly instalments

We have put together a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ fact sheet that provides answers to the many questions we have been asked over the last few months by investors.

For further information about how your investment grows when you invest in Secret Projects CBS click here

Of course, if you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us – we are always happy to answer any queries you may have. (Contact details can be found towards the end of the page).

What are the benefits of being an investor?

As a member of Secret Projects CBS, the benefits are many (not just the feeling one gets from investing in an organisation that works tirelessly and effectively to empower women in India) and include:

· The ability to stand and vote for the new Board of Directors and on other important organisational decisions

· A digital version of IMPACT SP, our Annual Review

· An invitation to join our live-streamed AGM

· Access to our twice-yearly POWER sessions* and Monday Motivational Message via WhatsApp

· A Young Persons Shareholder Pack for under 16’s, explaining exactly what it means to be a shareholder

· Up to 3% interest on your share capital when the company makes a profit and the right to ask for your money back after 3 years

· For eligible UK tax payers, EIS tax relief is available

Please note: We cannot give tax advice, and can only say that the investment is a valid investment for tax relief. Anyone considering investing with tax relief in mind, should contact a financial advisor to establish your eligibility for this particular form of tax relief.

How to invest

If you would like to become an Investor, please follow these simple steps:-

  • Email us at: invest@secretprojects.org  giving us your full name and advising how much you would like to invest. If you would like to discuss your investment with us before going ahead, please do let us know at this stage.
  • Following this, we will contact you with the full details of how to make your investment.
  • When you have made your investment and we have received the funds, we will ask you to provide us with 2 forms of identification as follows:

- Photo identification (for example your passport or driving licence)

- Proof of your address (for example a utility bill or a financial statement issued within the last 3 months)

  • Following receipt of your identification documents, we will send official confirmation of your shares (and/or to the person/s you have purchased shares on behalf of)
  • This should take around 2 weeks

Paying for shares in instalments:

The society operates a share purchase instalments scheme to enable members to spread the payment for shares over a number of months, at the member's convenience.

If you would like to pay for your shares using this method, please indicate this when you make the initial contact via email advising us that you wish to invest.

Please include the following information in your email:

1. Total amount you would like to invest.

2. The monthly instalment payment you would like to make. Please note that for administrative reasons, the minimum instalment value is £2.50.

Following this, we will send details of how to make your monthly instalments and the shares will be allocated after the final instalment has been received.

We hope the information we have given here has been helpful, but please do contact us as follows if you have questions:

For general enquiries about investing contact:

Margaret Ring, Membership Administrator: invest@secretprojects.org

To arrange a meeting to discuss your investment in detail contact:

Fritha Vincent, Global CEO: fritha@secretprojects.org


Banke Ajayi, Global CFO: banke@secretprojects.org

Important information about investing with Secret Projects
Please note that your money is at risk and not covered by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).