Secret Project's Crowdfunding Campaigns

Since we began in 2014,  Secret Projects has been able to grown its global customer base through our success in a number of rewards-based crowdfunding campaigns. We plan to continue using this incredible tool to not only to sell Secret Products, but to tell our story well into the future.

Using the knowledge we have gained through these rewards based crowdfunding campaigns, in 2019, Secret Projects was able to successfully run an equity crowdfunding campaign, selling the business to our Customers and Social Investors through a Community Share Offer.  £120,000 worth of community shares were sold to Shareholders through this campaign as well as via an offline campaign.  Again, Secret Projects plans to continue to run equity crowdfunding campaigns periodically to expand its Shareholder base.

Determined to reach our vision, we will also support other social entrepreneurs working hard for women's empowerment around the world by selling a lecture series called 'How To Run Successful Rewards Based Crowdfunding Campaigns'.

Here are links to our other past and much loved campaigns... (most recent at the top)

This campaigns have generated an incredible £213,000. Thank you for all backers and Shareholders who have made up our crowd.

Secret Projects Community Benefit Society: Join Us Campaign (UK) 171 Shareholders bought £120,000 worth of community shares on and off-line

The Most Empowering Shopping Bag in the World Campaign (UK) 143 backers pledged £5,088 (1 month campaign)

Personalised Secret Pillow Campaign (UK) 31 backers pledged £2,115 (1 month campaign)

Secret Sari Dress Campaign (Number 2) (UK)  33 supporters pledged £1,308 (1 month campaign)

Secret Clothes Campaign (UK) 44 supporters pledged £2,430 (1 month campaign)

Secret Projects is Coming Home! Campaign (India) 4 backers pledged $151 (1 month campaign)

Secret Pillow Project Experiment (UK) 15 backers pledged £780 (2 week campaign)

Solve Small Problems To Empower (UK) 17 backers pledged £606 (2 days campaign)

Fashionistas Unfolds Women's Power (UK) 354 backers pledged £11,677 (1 month campaign)

Discover the Secret of the Pillows USA (USA) 135 backers pledged $16,151 (1 month campaign)

Become a Secret Pillower (UK) 302 backers pledged £32,364 (1 month campaign)

Discover the Secret of the Pillows (UK) 242 backers pledged £16,571 (1 month campaign)

Our CEO, Fritha, is the drive behind all our campaigns. She offers coaching and advice to anyone planning crowdfunding campaigns and also lectures about how to deliver a successful campaign. If you would like to connect with Fritha about crowdfunding, please get in touch with her through our contact details page.

A huge thank you to Crowdfunder, Kickstarter and Indiegogo who run the platforms that have enabled us to expand our social business and unfold women's power.