Intern and volunteer

Intern and volunteer

Intern* or volunteer with us

We have been blessed to be supported by some dedicated, passionate and hardworking Interns and Volunteers, who have been instrumental in helping us to achieve our goals and grow as an organisation. Without such support we simply wouldn't be so far forward on our journey of empowerment.

Read Fiona's story about her time as a Secret Projects Intern.

*Please note, we are only able to work with Interns through our partnerships with UK and American universities

Meet Vicky, Secret Projects Volunteer!

Question: Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Vicky Drake. I am a volunteer working with Secret Projects to critique the website and suggest ongoing changes/improvements.

Question: What first attracted you to Secret Projects?
I really admire the ethos of Secret Projects with its emphasis on empowering women in impoverished communities and enabling them to have more control over their lives.

Question: How did you know you could be one of the people to help our mission to empower?
I have a background of working with the team for Adventure Ashram, a small charity. I was approached by Fritha to see if I would be interested in volunteering for Secret Projects. I am also a shareholder in SP. I was very happy to be approached and to working on this interesting project.

Question: What did you do/are you doing?
My professional background was in IT. I started my career as a Computer Programmer many years ago and finished it as a Project Manager, carrying out many other roles in between! This experience led me to be able to help the Secret Projects team with their website. I have been busy doing lots of proofing, looking at the layout and generally being on-hand for all things SP website!

Question: What affects did/has doing this had your life, your business, your feeling of self worth?
I am really pleased to have this opportunity. It is giving me a sense of purpose - particularly welcomed in these lockdown days! While also contributing to a cause that I passionately support.

Question: What would you say to anyone else looking at Secret Projects and thinking how can I help?
Go for it!! If you support the ethos of the company, this is for you. As they say, you can't change the whole world for the better, but you can change a small part of it.