Become an Investor

Become an Investor

Become an Investor

There are so many benefits to being an investor in Secret Projects Community Benefits Society, from the amazing feeling of being part of an organisation that works tirelessly and effectively to empower women, to being able to buy shares for a young person and start them on their own ethical investment journey.

Don't take our word for it... Read Jitna's interview below to discover what it means to her to be a Shareholder in Secret Projects Community Benefit Society.

Secret Projects Shareholder, Jitna, talks about how it feels to invest in women's empowerment

Q. How did you first hear about the Secret Projects Community Benefit Society?
I stumbled upon the Secret Projects website before the CBO was created. I actually found out about Secret Projects while I was in the early stages of setting up my own start-up, Shakti.ism, which has a similar ethos to empower women in India (and beyond). I connected with Fritha and we kept in touch - she was incredibly helpful in answering all my start-up questions. I initially subscribed to the newsletter to keep up with Secret Projects and their impact, updates, etc., and that's how I learnt about the company's intention to crowdfund and change to a Community Benefit Society (CBS).
Q. What led you to decide to purchase shares?
I initially purchased shares as Christmas gifts for close family members, because who wouldn't love to get shares of a company that has such a wonderful and impactful mission? Then shortly after, I decided to purchase a few for myself because I also wanted to be a part of the CBS. 🙂

Q. What does being a Shareholder feel like?
It's great. I'd love to get more involved and see if I can help or support the group or the Makers in any way. It's a wonderful feeling to be part of a community that is doing something so meaningful for disadvantaged Indian women.

Q. What does it mean to you to be a part of our mission to empower women?
It means everything! My own business is also focused on disadvantaged women's empowerment, so it's a high priority for me. It's brilliant that I've also been able to get others involved, now that I've gifted them shares.

Q. What are your hopes and/or ideas for the Secret Projects Community Benefit Society for the future?
I hope to see the CBS grow and expand to maximise impact. More empowered women is good for everyone.


Q. What message would you like to pass to our Maker Groups?
You are incredible and inspiring. I hope to come and visit some of the Groups on a future India visit!

Q. If you can, tell us what your favourite thing about being a Shareholder is?
Being a part of much needed positive change in the world.


To sign up to become a Shareholder visit our invest area.