Become a Secret Leader

Become a Secret Leader

Our Secret Leaders tell us the best way to describe being a Secret Projects Secret Leader is deep, deep joy! Secret Leaders come in many guises from heading up campaigns to promoting Secret Projects in the media. Believe us, it's an incredibly empowering way to help out.

But don't just take our word for it... read Heather's interview below. It's truly inspirational!


Secret Leader, Heather talks about her journey with Secret Projects

Question: How did you first come across Secret Projects?

'As the CEO of Secret Projects is my cousin Fritha Vincent, I’ve watched her build the company from the ground up. I’ve watched from the wings in awe really as she’s tended to its growth with patience, love and determination'.

Question: What was your initial involvement with us? (Customer, Investor, Volunteer etc.)

'My initial involvement with Secret Projects was as a customer. I think my first purchase was a Secret Pillow prototype when they were first launched, then I later bought one of the first Secret Sari Dresses. When Fritha had the idea to collaborate with women in the music industry, that’s when I got involved as a Secret Leader'.

Question: Tell us about what you do as a Secret Projects Secret Leader?

'When Fritha shared her experience of attending Hell Fest in France and being bowled over by some of the women in rock and metal bands, we brainstormed about potentially collaborating with some of them. Out of my love for India and the desire to help Fritha & Secret Projects in empowering marginalised women - from those initial talks the idea for the #sherocks Secret Sari Dress campaign was born. As a professional singer songwriter, my role was to first of all curate a palette for the #sherocks Secret Sari Dress collection that would suit women in rock and metal and then design a campaign that drew upon my 20+ years of experience within the music industry, connecting its many leading women in a campaign which promoted the Secret Sari Dress to their fans & followers. Initially it wasn’t so easy, as this required a lot of dark coloured fabrics and of course, India is known for it’s wonderful expression of life through colour, but as the campaign progressed, the sourcing of darker fabrics has become easier. Whitney’s new collection for instance now has a lot of black with gold and silver sparkly touches'.

Question: What does being a Secret Leader mean to you on a personal level?

'On a personal level, being involved with Secret Projects has inspired a lot of unexpected growth and progression within my own projects. Perspectives have changed for the better, in that upon working with marginalised groups, for me personally I’ve noticed that this naturally brings more awareness to how much abundance there is in my own life. Also the realisation as to how much untapped potential there is too. Especially in becoming self-sufficient and working towards changes that make for creating a business that is truly sustainable'.

Question: How does being a Secret Leader enhance your life?

'I had no idea that I had it in me to create or lead such a campaign. Speaking in public as opposed to singing, had always terrified me prior to working with Secret Projects. As a singer, one learns to create masks or personas to perform behind. Speaking about Secret Projects required me to draw upon the passion for the subject and for me to find authentic expression in speaking about it as myself and not as a performer. Of course, there is a good degree of authenticity required in singing too, but in just speaking about something important to me, this took some work for me to gain confidence in. Putting the importance of serving the project before myself helped a lot'.

Question: What does female empowerment mean to you?

'Being able to stand on my own two feet. Being confident in speaking out about things I feel strongly about. Believing in my own worthiness, whilst being humble enough to ask for help and guidance when I need it. Being able to see the difference between balance and inequality'.

Question: What would you say to someone who is thinking maybe they could be a Secret Leader, but not sure they have what it takes?

'Leap, leap, leap! The way will appear'.

Question: What message would you like to pass to our Maker Groups?

'Thank you! Thank you for your bravery and courage. Thank you for inspiring me. Thank you for helping me. Thank you for your openness to becoming empowered. Please keep making and I hope to meet you one day soon'!

Question: What are your hopes and dreams for Secret Projects future?

'I hope to see Secret Projects continues to go from strength to strength. Inspiring more and more growth and helping more and more individuals to safely blossom, to find their feet, their voices, their passion and their hearts'!

Photo: Heather, Secret Leader