Secret Projects Community Benefit Society Investment Questions and Answers.

 20th Jan 2020 |  Invest |  Fritha Mason

Since taking the decision to place Secret Projects up for sale and beginning to sell shares in Secret Projects Community Benefit Society (Secret Projects CBS) last November, our Directors have spoken to hundreds of people, all of whom have had a myriad of questions about what it actually means to invest in Secret Projects.

A number of similar themes have come up in these conversations and we wanted to highlight them with the answers - a little like a Frequently Asked Questions information sheet!

Following the question and answer section, we thought it would be helpful to explain in a series of short clips put together by Secret Projects CEO, Fritha Mason, exactly what happens when you make an investment of £50, £500, £1000, £10,000 and £15,000.

Question: What is the difference between a community share and a 'normal' share?

Answer: Ordinary shares can be transferred to another person, but Community shares cannot be sold or transferred to another person during the lifetime of the shareholder. An investor holding a community share can get their investment back by applying to the company to withdraw their capital.

Question: If I invest £50, how much money will I make over 5 years?

Answer: If the company makes profit, you will earn between £6 and £7.50 on your £50 investment over 5 years. This is equal to 12% to 15% return on your investment.

Nb. Please see 'Investment levels explained' for more in depth information about this important aspect of investing in Secret Projects.

Question: I have invested in this wonderful business but was wondering if I can keep my interest in with my shares and buy more shares each year?

Answer: Yes you can use your interest to buy more shares.

Question: Is it possible for businesses outside of the UK to invest? What are the advantages for a business to invest?

Answer: Yes, businesses outside the UK can invest. High value is attached by customers, suppliers and employees to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which is about a business playing their responsible part and giving back to the society. A business investing in the Secret Projects CBS community share offer can list this under their CSR achievements. In addition, the business will receive interest on the investment just like any other shareholder.

Question: Can you 'gift' the shares?

Answer: Yes, you can gift the shares to anyone (child or adult). You simply back the campaign and once it ends you will be emailed a form that needs filling in for each of the people that you are investing for. Our Membership Administrator will support everyone with the necessary admin.

Question: What is EIS?

Answer: Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) is an income tax relief offered by HMRC to individual investors who buy shares in a Social Enterprise that meets certain conditions. The tax relief is 30% off the investor's tax bill for the year.

Examples of EIS tax relief are as follows:

An investment of £1000, can qualify for £300 back in tax relief

An investment of £5000, can qualify for for £1,500

An investment of £10,000 can qualify for £3,000 relief

Nb. Please see 'Investment levels explained' for more in depth information about this important aspect of investing in Secret Projects.

Question: I know this is a special sort of company as this is a social business, can you explain what the difference is?

Answer: This is a great question! Our business is a special sort of business. It is a Community Benefit Society. It is a very old business model that is having a revival at the moment. We are using the Community Benefit Society model in quite a unique way. here is a great video that explains what a Community Benefit Society is.

Question: Do I have to declare any interest made on my tax form?

Answer: We will not deduct tax from any interest paid, so it is your responsibility to declare it on your tax return.

Question: Can I give my shares to someone else?

Answer: The nature of Community Shares is that you cannot give them to anyone once they have been issued to you officially. You can however, sell them back to Secret Projects Community Benefit Society. (Please see the following question for more information on this important issue.)

The only situation where a shareholder can pass their shares onto another person is through a will.

Nb. Please see the following question for further information.

Question: Can I get my money out of the business if I need to?

Answer: Yes. Investors can request to withdraw funds in year 2 (if they have not claimed under EIS) or after year 4 if they have claimed EIS tax relief.

As the CBS rule caps aggregate equity that can be repaid to investors at 10% of total equity of the business per year, equity withdrawal request will be processed on a first come first served basis.

To ensure that the interests of all the stakeholders in the organisation are well considered, withdrawal of equity can be suspended by the directors for a period if it is not prudent to pay out.

Investment level's explained

What happens if I make an investment of £50? 

What happens if I make an investment of £500?

What happens if I make an investment of £1000? With details for UK tax payers of how to benefit from EIS tax relief

What happens if I make an investment of £10,000? With details for UK tax payers of how to benefit from EIS tax relief

What happens if I make an investment of £15,000? With details for UK tax payers of how to benefit from EIS tax relief

Our first share offer closes on January 31st 2020. For more information, please email:

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SP Accountant's Trip - one year on!

SP Accountant's Trip - one year on!

Secret Projects Accountant’s Trip – November 2019  A little background...  Just over a year ago, Secret Projects took the decision to . . . change our business model completely and became a Community Benefit Society. The organization was put up for sale, giving people the opportunity to buy shares and, with others, own Secret Projects Community Benefit Society.   Our CEO, Fritha headed up the promotion of the newly structured business and was busy selling community shares. Banke, Secret Projects Global Director of Finance and Operations oversaw finding the correct financial structure for the new business – a task she relished! Part of the new structure meant that Secret Projects formed a subsidiary company in India, known as Social Power India (SPI), and Banke knew that we were moving into a completely different arena. We would begin trading internationally as a multinational company, which has its own compliances and financial regulations plus accountancy standards for each country Secret Projects was to trade in.   As a highly experience professional, Banke knew what her accountancy strengths were and had spent several hours in discussions with Secret Projects UK Accountant Fiona Bird of Heather & Co, bouncing ideas around. However, the more she and Fiona investigated the India side of the business, Banke realized that she had a gap in her knowledge. To plug this gap, she put feelers out into her professional network, and this is how we were able to connect with Sneha Shah, an Indian accountant, who has since become SPI’s accountant based in India.   The 3 accountants decided that it was crucial for them meet face to face, spend time together, focusing on what needed to be done, dividing tasks between them in line with their own areas of expertise and they also felt they wanted to get to know each other better. So, in November 2019, Banke and Fiona boarded a flight to Bengaluru and the first Secret Projects Accountant’s Trip began!   The trip...  The 3 women stayed in a flat together in the city for a week, speaking the same accountancy language, and because of spending this focused, quality time together, realized how beneficial it was for Secret Projects to have their joint experience and skills in compatible areas. It is fair to say that during this time, they bonded!   It was also decided that whilst in India, Banke and Fiona would begin the process of sourcing a suitable bank for SPI, and Sneha volunteered to help with the search, and was an invaluable asset, as she has so much experience of the Indian banking system. They spent time thinking about what SPI needed from a bank, what banks in India required from businesses and arranged meetings with several institutions. Although it’s not an easy task to set up bank accounts in India, it helped enormously for Secret Projects Accountants and Director to meet Banking Account Managers in person and as a result, they found a bank that is an excellent fit. The officials of the bank they chose is led by a woman and strikingly, they completely understand and back our work to empower women. As importantly, SPI has been able to develop an excellent working relationship with the bank, and this is enormously beneficial for the business.   Other outcomes...  All 3 found it incredibly empowering on a personal level to work together and collectively realize Secret Projects vision of a world where all women have the confidence and resources to make choices, thrive and contribute to the strengthening of their communities. This feeling of personal empowerment has driven them to believe even more deeply that women in India can be empowered by Secret Projects 4-stage Virtual Training for Empowerment Programme and the making and selling of clothing and homeware. Banke now knows that if she has any issues that need sorting out, or needs to get a task completed in India, she can rely on Sneha completely and indeed all of them feel the same way and the great, professional relationship that sprang up from this trip is growing ever stronger.   It wasn’t all work...  Banke, Fiona and Sneha worked all morning and then in the afternoon would venture out into Bengaluru, visiting the palace and various markets for shopping trips and had lots of fun in the process! They returned to the flat for a few more hours work, before spending the evening having dinner and getting to know each other away from work. On their last evening together, they visited a well-known restaurant recommended by Fritha and had a ball, even though no-one was feeling particularly well that night.   The flat, where they stayed is situated beneath the apartment of SPI Director Nirmala, who really took care of them all, inviting them to her house for breakfast and was on hand throughout the trip and really made everyone feel at home.  They were wonderfully comfortable, making their business trip so much pleasanter than staying in a hotel.   The following week after Fiona had left to return to the UK, Banke, who was to remain in India for a further couple of weeks, travelled to Mumbai with Sneha and stayed for a few days with her and her partner. Banke had the most wonderful time, as they took her sight-seeing, for a manicure and a pedicure and even had dinner in a restaurant that is a favourite haunt of Bollywood stars. Spending time with Sneha and her family like this was a great ending to this part of her time in India.   Since then, of course, the world has changed as COVID-19 took a grip with most countries going into lockdowns. Secret Projects financial team now meet virtually, which will continue for the foreseeable future. However, this is made easier by their strong working and personal relationship that was forged during their week together in Bengaluru.     Photo: Left to right, Sneha, Fiona, Banke and Nirmala
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Our values. We support each other...

Our values. We support each other...

Our Makers are the world to us and we see each one as an individual. We were keenly reminded of this last week when Sindhu, one of the Makers from our . . . Divine Maker Group was experiencing difficulties with her bank account. We had been trying to transfer money that Sindhu had earned from Stitching Secret Products (the name we give to items in our clothing and homeware ranges) for a couple of weeks, but kept being advised that there was an issue with the account and the funds were bouncing back. Of course this worried us greatly, as we knew that Sindhu really needed this money to support herself and her family. We contacted Sindhu to ask if she knew why this was happening and she told us that she had been unable to get to the bottom of it. Luckily, our General Manager, Sumathi had spent time working in the financial sector and was able to use her knowledge to unearth what the issue might be.  She contacted Sindhu's bank and made an appointment with one of the Account Managers and followed this up with a call to Sindhu to let her know what documents the bank would need to see to rectify the issue, telling her that they would attend the meeting together. So, last Friday, armed with lots of hand sanitiser and wearing face masks, Sindhu and Sumathi met up and went to the bank together to meet with the Account Manager.  We are happy to report that the issue was resolved and we are now able to transfer the money that Sindhu has earned. Sindhu told us that it was a good learning curve for her and will know exactly what to do should something like this happen again. Negotiating banking systems is never easy. This story is a great example of how we empower our Makers, not just by the training they receive through our four-stage Virtual Training for Empowerment Programme, but in so many other practical ways. If a Maker needs our support and it is practical for us to help, we will always be there, supporting each on one as needs be. One of our  Values is 'we support one another', and, like all our values it plays an integral part of how we all work at Secret Projects, whether that is our staff Team or Makers. Photo: Left to right: Sindhu and Sumathi outside the bank.
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We are proud to be WFTO's member of the month!

We are proud to be WFTO's member of the month!

We had some wonderful news in late September, when we were advised by the World Fair Trade Organisation Europe (WFTO Europe) that we were to be their . . . member of the month for October. This came at a great time, as we were celebrating having been part of this amazing organisation for a year. Being recognised like this by WFTO, means that a wider audience opens up to Secret Projects and our story of women's empowerment in India spreads ever further. The work of the WFTO is so inspiring and so necessary and has members from all around the world working towards the common goal of fair trade in all it's forms, from decent working conditions to fair wages. We are honoured to be a part of this impactful institution and we say a big thank you to WFTO for making us October's member of the month!
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