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 5th Oct 2020 |  From The Heart Of... |  Margaret Ring

We are proud to introduce Shin, Secret Projects Marketing Manager as part of our 'From the Heart of' series. 

Through this collection of stories, we want to take you to the centre of Secret Projects, right to our heart to discover what drives us as we journey towards our vision of a world where all women have the confidence and resources to make choices, thrive and contribute to the strengthening of their communities. What keeps us going? What joy and love do we encounter on the way to women's empowerment?

Get to know Shin better by reading his interview about his work with Secret Projects and a little about his home life below: 


Question: In a nutshell what does your role at Secret Projects consist of? 

Shin: It’s so great to work at Secret Projects and I love my job. Firstly, we have got a perfect team and everyone are very responsible. I work here as the Assistant Marketing Manager and my role is to bring more customers in and maintain relationships with our customers.  My day at the office starts with team prayers and then I check emailsour sales and log in to live chat on our on-line retail stores.  I work closely with our management team; my colleagues and they are all amazing. I’ve learned a lot from everyone during my time at Secret Projects and I am looking forward to learning more and more! 

Question: Is there a typical day in your role? What does it look like? 

Shin: My role here in Secret Project is so varied and I love it. Apart from my main job role, I take product photographs and upload them to our website. I never get bored, as there are so many tasks to complete every day. To conclude there is no typical day in my role! 

Question: What did you do before Secret Projects? 

Shin: I was doing my MBA and immediately after my MBA I joined Secret Projects. This is my first job! 

Question: How does your role at Secret Projects empower you? 

Shin: Secret Projects empowers me in many ways. When I joined Secret Projects, I got  alot of training and gradually my skills developed both technical and non-technical with the help of everyone! My managers are like my family to me; they are very motivated and encouraging, they support me in all aspects of my role. The best thing that I will never forgot about is how Secret Projects gave me the courage to face the world. 

Question: What do you find most fulfilling about working at Secret Projects? 

Shin: The impact that Secret Projects brings to the women of India. Changing the life of many women in India, giving courage to every woman who works directly and indirectly with Secret Projects, upgrading their skills and helping them to become entrepreneurs. I find this is one of the most fulfilling parts of Secret Projects. 

Question: Tell us a little about your life away from Secret Projects. 

Shin: I am 24 years old now and live in Bangalore India with my friend who was my classmate during my college days. I feel that Bangalore is one of the best cities to live in India. Basically, I’m from northeast India and I have lived in Bangalore for almost 7 years now. 

I’m very passionate about guitar and like having a cup of tea in the morning and evening; every day I have to play guitar and it’s a big part of my life. I play a lead guitar in a band which consists of 4 members and we compose our own music. 

During my free time I am busy helping my friends to design a website using WordPress. I love learning new things and helping out my friends to design this website really does that! 

Why I love Bangalore so much is that the city is surrounded with lots of trees. I love taking a long walk and exploring the beauty of nature. I feel this this city is the right fit for me. 


Let's finish with a bit of light-hearted fun! 

Question: Dancing or walking? 

Shin: I literally don’t know how to dance, so obviously walking and I love walking for a long distance. 

Question: Going out for the evening or staying at home? 

Shin: I will choose staying at homesince I have to play guitar every evening 

Question: If you could have a one-hour telephone conversation with anyone, who would it be? 

Shin: It will be Jack ma, founder of Alibaba, his speeches are very motivating and inspirational 

Question: As Secret Projects drives people to think about India what do you want to tell the world about India? What do you love most about the country? 

Shin: I would say please visit India and explore the beauty of the culture and historical monuments. India hamany cultures and many different languages for each state and our cities. People can learn lots of new things here in India 

Basically I’m saying I love the culture of India!

Ps. You can check out my guitar playing! Thanks for listening. 



A new Maker Group and production of face masks for our Secret Face Masks for India Appeal has begun

A new Maker Group and production of face masks for our Secret Face Masks for India Appeal has begun

Partly situated in West Bengal on the Bangladesh border, the group is based in the Sundarbans, an outstandingly beautiful and remote region of . . . mangrove forest. Being such an isolated part of the world, the area is a key target for gangs of human traffickers and income generating opportunities, especially for women are scarce. A little more about the women... We met the NGO supporting the women when on a Customer Trip to West Bengal before lockdown gripped the world and were immediately impressed with their work and mission and how their values aligned so closely with Secret Projects. They work with groups of marginalized women who are at risk of being trafficked and help them to enhance their sewing skills by providing tailoring and stitching training and then go on to earn income by using these skills. We were very keen to work together, but obviously the global pandemic meant that plans had to be placed on hold. We launched our Sponsor Secret Face Masks for India appeal in May '21 to not only help slow down the spread of the virus in the country, but to provide our Makers with a chance to earn money to support themselves and their families and children by producing the masks. We decided that we wanted to distribute the masks in and around Bengaluru, where many of our Makers live as well as in the regions of Andhra Pradesh and the Sundarbans. How we are working together We contacted the NGO and had a very productive meeting via Zoom and agreed that the group would make 1000 sponsored face masks for Secret Projects and distribute them to communities most in need in the area. Lissy, our Quality Controller and Maker provided virtual training about how to make Secret Face Masks to our specifications and the production process has now begun! The group has started by making a small number of masks that have been returned to Lissy for a quality control check before full production begins. She has been very impressed with the standard and is currently feeding back to the group about a few small adjustments that need making and following this the stitching of the 1000 face masks will commence. We look forward to sharing further details about the making of the masks and their distribution soon. We are excited to be working with this new group of Makers at what is an incredibly difficult time for India and look forward to growing and developing our relationship to empower women through training and the making and selling of clothing and homeware. If you would like to sponsor a pack/s of Secret Face Masks, please click here for more information. Photo: The women from the Sundarbans Maker Group with team members of the NGO that supports them.
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We are over the moon to be part of 'Beyond Beautiful' -  a collection of artisanal products curated by the World Fair Trade Organization

We are over the moon to be part of 'Beyond Beautiful' - a collection of artisanal products curated by the World Fair Trade Organization

As provisional members of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), we are absolutely delighted to have been chosen to be featured in one of their . . . latest programmes, 'Beyond Beautiful' Beyond Beautiful... ‘Beyond Beautiful’ is a curated collection of artisanal products from verified Fair Trade Enterprises around the world. How does it help our mission to empower women in India? It promotes the work and stories of global craftspeople providing a new sourcing opportunity for retailers and importers wishing to expand their fair trade offer. So, in a nutshell, being part of Beyond Beautiful showcases Secret Products to new markets and buyers keen to purchase from ethical producers and Fair Trade product lines. A great opportunity for us! It is one of our major goals to increase our profile amongst retailers, importers and wholesalers, giving the opportunity for Secret Products to be sold more widely all over the world. Being part of Beyond Beautiful is a wonderful step for us towards achieving this goal and we are proud and excited to have been chosen by WFTO as one of their featured producers. If you have any contacts within the retail/wholesale world who are keen to expand their range of fair trade products, please pass on their details to our CEO, Fritha Mason: Photo: Kantha Blankets made for Secret Projects as featured in Beyond Beautiful
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The first AGM of Secret Projects Community Benefit Society - a review

The first AGM of Secret Projects Community Benefit Society - a review

The first ever AGM of Secret Projects Community Benefit Society (SPCBS) was held on Wednesday 30th June 2021 via Zoom. We were delighted to have 25 . . . Shareholders attending the meeting in person, with a further 23 Shareholders represented via proxy. Opened and chaired by Secret Projects CEO, Fritha Mason, presentations were given by:   Banke Ajayi, Financial Director of SPCBS Fritha Mason, CEO of SPCBS Sumathi Thyagarajan, Acting Director of Social Power India (SPI) Shin Rumani, Marketing Manager of SPI Margaret Ring, Communications Manager of SPCBS   The main theme of the meeting naturally revolved around the affects that COVID-19 has had on the business and Banke Ajayi was able to provide a positive report about how the Society has fared financially over the last year. She stated that we had survived the global pandemic, which is a good base from which to grow over the next few years. As this was our first AGM, the team were excited to present and engage with Shareholders and were delighted with how the meeting progressed and the positive comments received from people. We would like to express gratitude to our Shareholders for their continued support and positive involvement in Secret Projects Community Benefit Society and we look forward to our second year as a Community Benefit Society and empowering women in India through the training and the making and selling of clothing and homeware.  
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