Ethical Fashion & Homeware Emporium: The Ultimate Collaboration

Ethical brands competing againist one another for sales is definately not going to grow our retail sector fast and successfully, the way forward is collaboration.

Secret Projects is pushing forward to be a leader of collaborations between ethical fashion and homeware brands. We plan to collaborate with as many brands as possible in creative and unusual ways to learn from one another, give our customers something more, have fun, steadily grow our sales and finally have a bigger impact on the world.

Our first step towards doing this was to create the Ethical Fashion & Homeware Emporium. It first appearance was at the famous Camden Market and bought together 8 brands. We are delighted to introduce you to these awesome brands.

Menestho - is the new sustainable luxury brand of swimwear and clothing made in Europe.

Belo Bags - make socially responsible handbags

Gillian Jane - sustainable fashion made stylish

Nido Collection - works with artisans in remote communities in Mexico and Guatemala using their ancient techniques to produce a range of contemporary, ethical homewares and accessories.

Essie Walker Studios - Esther is a trained colourist aiming to empower women through colour and carefully constructed wardrobes. Read Esther's top 5 tips on how to get a handle on your wardrobe and work towards a conscious wardrobe you can be proud of. Feeling inspired to explore your colours? Click here to visit Esther's website and book you your colour session and/or a personal shopping session. (Follow on Instagram @essiewalkerstudio)

When is the next Ethical Fashion & Homeware Emporium?

We hope to bring back the emporium for a Christmas shopping evening where all the sellers sell items under £50 to help our customers stuff stockings full of ethical items.

If you would like to be a seller at this event, please email

If you would like to be sent an invitation for this event, please send a request to

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