Our Appeal - help us to make and distribute 10,000 Secret Face Masks to communities in India

 6th Feb 2022 |  How can I help? |  Margaret Ring

The brainchild of Sumathi, Director and Shin, Marketing Manager of Social Power India (SPI), we would like to introduce an appeal to provide Secret Face Masks, produced by women from our Maker Community and given free of charge to communities in need throughout India.

The details...

We want to make and distribute 10,000 Secret Face Masks

Sponsorship costs are £20/€25/$30 for a pack of 20 children's masks and £25/€30/$35 for a pack of 20 adult's face masks

Backers of our appeal are able to sponsor multiple packs of Secret Face Masks

We would also like to ask our Customers, Shareholders and Friends to consider matching the amount we have raised from the appeal to the amount of £2,500. If you are able to do this, or want to chat it through, please contact Fritha Mason: fritha@secretprojects.org

One of the most positive aspects of our appeal lies in the fact that not only will we be providing vital face masks for those in need, but women from our Maker Community who are able to work from home during lockdown, as we don't operate from a factory, can continue production of the masks and receive an income to support themselves, their families, and children during this incredibly difficult time.

To sponsor Secret Face Masks for India

Please follow these instructions carefully

Please head to our online retail shops by clicking the links below. (Shop in GBP, Euros or US Dollars)

Sponsor Secret Face Masks in GBP

Sponsor Secret Face Masks in Euros

Sponsor Secret Face Masks in US Dollars

Select how many packs of 20 Secret Face Masks you would like to sponsor to be distributed in India by SPI and add these to your basket.

Next, click the link in point number 2 of the instructions to choose a pack of 5 Secret Face Masks for yourself (available in both adults and children's sizes) at £10/€14/$15 per pack (the shipping is free) and again, add to your basket.*

Finally, follow the instructions to complete your purchase, providing a shipping address.*

*Please note that due to Indian export regulations, we do require our Customers, Friends and Shareholders who would like to contribute to our Secret Face Mask sponsorship appeal to purchase at least one pack of 5 Secret Face Masks for themselves, to be shipped out of India to their address. As Bengaluru is currently in lock down, we will ship your Secret Face Masks as soon as the restrictions lift.

These instructions are repeated when you go to our online shops!

How we plan to distribute the face masks

Initially, we plan to provide free face masks for whoever is in need in and around Bengaluru, where we are based and in Andhra Pradesh, South-East India and the Sundarbans in the Bay of Bengal, where we can work with our NGO partners.

In and around Bengaluru
Shin and Sumathi have many contacts in and around the area who can help us. We will give face masks to hospitals as well as marginalised communities in the city, where many of our Makers live.

Andhra Pradesh and the Sundarbans
In both these areas we have very good links with NGO's who work with groups of marginalised women. We will liaise with our partners and provide them with the necessary fabric and funds for local women's sewing groups to make the masks, and the NGO's will arrange for their distribution.

One of the most positive aspects of our appeal lies in the fact that not only will we be providing vital face masks for those in need, but women from our Maker Community will stitch the masks and receive an income to support themselves, their families and children during this incredibly difficult time.

Thank you so much for your support.


Update on Molly's Sewing Unit - the producers of our Secret Sari Dress

Update on Molly's Sewing Unit - the producers of our Secret Sari Dress

Update on Molly's Sewing Unit – the producer of the SSD (Secret Sari Dress) Molly, as many of our Customers and Friends know, heads up her own sewing . . . unit in West Bengal, where there is an alarmingly high rate of human trafficking and provids young women with stitching work, who without an income are more at risk of falling into the hands of trafficking gangs. When we met Molly, (a number of years ago now) through an NGO, we knew that she was the perfect person to begin making our Secret Sari Dresses (SSD) and we worked together productively for over 2 years. She is very special to us, along with the young women. The effects of the pandemic for Molly and the unit When the pandemic hit, things became difficult for Molly and she had to temporarily close her unit to work as a Quality Controller in a garment factory, between lockdowns to provide money for her family. Throughout this time, we have kept in touch with Molly to support her. Molly has now been able to reopen her unit and has had some orders, which is great but things are still tough. She has been granted an export licence, which is no mean feat in India and we are so proud of this massive achievement. Our Finance Director, Banke is coaching her in how to effectively use this license as it will be hugely beneficial to her business. Future plans... We really want to be able to give Molly and the young women orders for more SSD's but before we are able to do this, we need to clear the current stock we have. So we can give work to Molly as soon as possible, we are offering 2 for 1 on all Secret Sari Dresses. Choose one for yourself and one for a friend (or keep both!). How it works... Choose your dress and go to the checkout and in the note box tell us the size and ideal colour way you would like for your second and free of charge SSD and we will do our best to match! It's like a managed lucky dip!!! The offer is available on all SSD's. Please note, the offer is currently only available for delivery to UK addresses with payment in Sterling. To shop, please click here What happens next... Once we have cleared the stock, we will work with Molly towards putting together brand new Collections of SSD's, which is such an exciting prospect and we all can't wait. Molly sends her love to everyone. Photo: Selfie taken by Molly (on far left) with some of her Makers. (Photograph used with permission.)
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We invite other business owners and entrepreneurs in West Sussex to share our photography and film space

We invite other business owners and entrepreneurs in West Sussex to share our photography and film space

We invite other business owners and entrepreneurs in West Sussex to share our film and photography space Thanks to the generosity of Horsham District . . . Council (the UK borough where our business unit is located in West Sussex), we have been awarded a grant that has helped us to kit out more fully our film and photography studio in our unit, as well as being able to purchase other useful items for our business. Hire our film and photography space! We are pleased to be able to offer this space for hire to other West Sussex based businesses and entrepreneurs. Use our spacious studio to photograph your products and make videos - it's a great space, located at Hardham MIll Business Park, Mill Lane, Pulborough, West Sussex, RH20 1LA. There is ample, free parking. How to make enquiries/book Please email Secret Project at: workwithus@secretprojects.org to discuss how you would like to use the space and for the hourly/daily rates. We look forward to talking to you and once again, thank you Horsham District Council for your support.
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Introducing our latest product Range. The Meg Hawkins Collection

Introducing our latest product Range. The Meg Hawkins Collection

We are delighted to launch a brand new Product Range. Introducing the Meg Hawkins Collection by Tilnar Art at our eBay for Change store. As an . . . introductory offer, we have 10% off the entire Range.  Use code MEGHAWKINSOFFER at the checkout. Meg Hawkins is a licensed, award winning British watercolour artist. Meg works from her studio in Shropshire in the UK from where she sells her work all over the world. Her unique style reflects the movement and energy of the subjects she paints. By blending colour and method, Meg has become known and loved for her emotive and joyous range of work. We are thrilled to be able to stock these handmade, Fair Trade and recycled aluminium bowls, coasters and dishes featuring Megs wonderful images from the natural world. Not only are the products beautiful but she has worked closely to produce her Range through Tilnar Art - a highly creative Fair Trade organisation that works to support disadvantaged producers, based in Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. Each item is cast by hand, rough polished, enamelled with several layers to ensure the image remains in place, before being carefully polished to a wonderful, smooth finish. As well as being charming, they are also practical, being food safe and come in a supberb presentation box, making the perfect gift. We feel that Meg's Range sits closely with Secret Projects values of Fair Trade, fair income and the economic empowerment of producers and couldn't be happier and more excited to be stocking her work. Photo: Square Dish with Japanese blossom from the Meg Hawkins Collection
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