Lean production - our most innovative and exciting production model to date

 24th Nov 2021 |  Blog |  Margaret Ring

The background to our decision to move to a lean production model

As many of our Customers, Shareholders and Friends probably know, we have proudly shipped Secret Products (the name we give to our Ranges of clothing and homeware) from India to all corners of the world for a number of years. We are sure, however, that you won't be surprised when we say that since the global pandemic began, things have changed enormously.

One major change has been the reduction in the number of flights leaving India that has translated into the cost of transportation increasing significantly, to the point where for now, it has become too expensive for us to ship from India. As a business, we needed to look at alternative ways to get our goods to Customers and we have taken the decision to move the fulfilment of Secret Products to our unit in West Sussex in the UK, as this is the most cost effective way forward for us at present.

We were of course, initially disappointed about this, knowing that we could no longer hold stock in our Indian unit. However, on reflection, we soon realised that it was actually a blessing in disguise and a way that we could realise one of our business dreams, to begin lean production.

What is lean production?
In simple terms, it's about producing only what has been ordered by our Customers, retailers and wholesalers.

What are the benefits? 
As no stock is held it makes good economic sense. Couple this with the reduced environmental impact that making to order brings and it's a smart way to manufacture, supporting the sustainable fashion and homeware concept- something we are passionate about.

What does this mean for our Maker Community? 
For the next 3 months, from now until the end of December 2021, each order that is placed will be 'made to order' by the women of our Maker Community, who will receive a good income for each Secret Product they stitch. In short, every order will drive immediate business for the women and the money they earn will be paid into their bank accounts on the 15th of each month, meaning they can budget confidently to support their children and families.

The women constantly tell us 2 things...  
Firstly, they don't want handouts, they are business women who want to earn their income and that is exactly what they do as Secret Projects Makers.

Secondly, they want to know more about Secret Projects Customers who they lovingly stitch for. Making to order and holding no stock gives a wonderful opportunity for us to tell the women exactly who they are making the items for, their names and where they live!

The women of our Maker Community lie at the very heart of Secret Projects and providing on-going and sustainable income generating opportunities for each one is our sole purpose and we constantly strive to find new, innovative ways of production to support this aim.  Lean production is our most exciting production model to date and we believe it will be a highly effective way forward for our business and to help the women earn much needed income following the effects of the pandemic on the population and communities.

We are delighted to begin lean production with another exciting development for Secret Projects - Business in a Box at Christmas time. Read more about this here.


We have 50% off all Secret Pillows this January

We have 50% off all Secret Pillows this January

Enjoy 50% off all Secret Pillows throughout January '22 It's the new year and what better way to start 2022 than with 50% off our Secret Pillow to . . . celebrate the very first product we made and where the story of Secret Projects began 8 years ago!  Since then, we have flooded the world with Secret Pillows and have also gone on to produce many other gorgeous products. We are so proud of how far we have come and will never stop searching for ways to keep sending our story out to the four corners of the world.  Spreading the story of Secret Projects... And that's why we are offering 50% off all Secret Pillows, to give as many people as possible the chance to own a Secret Pillow (or 2!), or perhaps buy one as a gift and be part of our journey to economically empower women in India.  There is one more reason too... we need the space! We began by telling you that we have thrilling plans for 2022 and these include some incredibly exciting and innovative product ideas, and we need to make room in our business unit for them!  More to follow about this over the coming weeks. Once again, enjoy our 50% off all Secret Pillows offer and with so many to choose from, we know you will find the one that is perfect for you!   The 50% off offer is available at both our online retail shops, as well as our eBay for Change store and the discount will be automatically applied at the checkout. Shop in GDP, US Dollars, Euros and other currencies at our eBay for Change store here. Shop in GDP at our online retail shop in GBP here. Enjoy your 50% off Secret Pillows! Any problems, please email us at: orders@secretprojects.org
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Business in a Box for Christmas time! Lean production in action!

Business in a Box for Christmas time! Lean production in action!

We are so excited to present Business in a Box for Christmas time! So simple and helps take the faff out of your Christmas shopping and we are . . . offering an early bird discount of 10% to celebrate the launch! Use code: earlybirdbusinessinabox (when shopping in GBP) Use code: earlybirdbusinessinaboxusa (when shopping in US Dollars) A little more about Business in a Box... Our Makers in India need to work. Our Customers across the globe want to buy sustainable and ethical Christmas gifts. We want to begin our lean production model. So, mix this all together and hey presto, we give you Business in a Box for Christmas time! Order a box from this Collection and our Makers will immediately begin work to lovingly stitch each Secret Product in your box! These will then be shipped to our UK warehouse by the end of November, giving us plenty of time to place them into a beautiful box to pop in the post to be with you well before Christmas. Your gorgeous box will also contain Christmas cards as well as newspaper gift bags for each item, to make life even easier! Choose from small, medium or large, each one packed full a selection of stunning Secret Products and, more importantly, women's economic empowerment! Click here to shop in GBP Click here to shop in US Dollar Don't forget to add your early bird discount code for your Business in a Box for Christmas time!  
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