Inspired? Start your own Secret Project today!

Inspired? Start your own Secret Project today!

 17th Mar 2022 |  How can I help? |  Fritha Mason

Are you inspired by the stories of Secret Leaders like Fritha, Lesley and Heather?
Would you like to start your own Secret Project? Yes, read on...

What is a Secret Project?

A Secret Project can be anything – that's the beauty of it! It's not an idea or suggestion as such, but something larger that we can work together on, under your leadership that is linked directly to our business and vision

We have given a few examples below to give you some ideas:

  • A feminist t-shirt designer from Thailand wants to work with us to make empowering slogan t-shirts to be sold in America
  • It could be an event – for example climbing a mountain in Scotland to raise awareness of our work
  • A textiles teacher from Canada works with us to bring a class of students to India to learn about social enterprise and block-printing
  • A PA from a textiles company based in London wants to procure tote bags with the business logo on
  • A company in Kenya wants to highlight us as their ethical business of the year
  • A hotelier from Italy wants to work with us to set up a photo-shoot of their new fire-pits, dressing the set with Secret Products
  • A school in India wants to organise a Fair Trade month, offering their pupils a number of related activities and tasks and want a Fair Trade partner
  • An American teenager is setting up a project to sell goods at school for a profit and wants to use ethical products
  • Someone living in Chile who has relevant skills (for example, in marketing, design etc.) and wants to lend us their expertise on a pro-bono basis
  • A person from Wales who is a talented crocheter wants to work with our Maker Community to design new Secret Products
  • An Influencer from India who wants to be part of one of our campaigns, e.g. #SheRocks
  • Someone from Bulgaria who wants to model our Secret Clothing collections

Who can start a Secret Project?

Absolutely anyone! There are no limits! People who have set up successful Secret Projects (we call these people Secret Leaders) tend to be creative, organised, focused, but above all passionate about their project and prepared to pull out all the stops. We really want to hear from you and learn about your Secret Project plan!

How can we support you?

After you have completed the questionaire below, a dedicated member of the Secret Projects team will be allocated to you to have an initial discussion about your Secret Project. They will explain to you what you can expect from us in terms of support.

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We would LOVE you to donate any unwanted sewing supplies to us!

We would LOVE you to donate any unwanted sewing supplies to us!

We can make such good use of your pre-loved sewing supplies We have added various items of pre-loved sewing supplies to our online stores, including . . . scrap fabrics and buttons for the past few years and it has developed into a small but very good source of income for our Community Benefit Society. The pre-loved sewing supplies market is only getting stronger and is something we are keen to develop and grow and are therefore putting out an 'ask' to our customers and supporters (and of course, anyone else who reads this!) for your old sewing items. We would LOVE them! Ideas for sewing supplies donations! From scrap fabric, to buttons, to pins, to needles, to embroidery equipment, we would adore to talk to you about what you have. Sewing items can often have sentimental value - in fact, our Comms Manager, Margaret was just telling us about a pin cushion she has of her mother's that she could only give away to someone who would really appreciate, and make good use of. Maybe this has resonated with you. So, if you do have sewing supplies you would like to donate, please email Fritha Vincent Mason at: We would just LOVE your pre-loved sewing supplies!  
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The 2024 AGM of SPCBS will take place on 24th January 1-2pm UK time

The 2024 AGM of SPCBS will take place on 24th January 1-2pm UK time

The 2024 Annual General Meeting of Secret Projects Community Benefit Society We are delighted to announce that 2024 The Annual General Meeting of . . . Secret Projects Community Benefit Society will take place on January 24th at 1-2pm UK time. All Shareholders are warmly invited and notification and the agenda plus financial information have been sent out. Please do check inboxes and junk folders and if not received, please email: We very much look forward to seeing our Shareholders and providing an update on our progress over the last year.    
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ADAPT - our latest product range has been launched and production is underway

ADAPT - our latest product range has been launched and production is underway

ADAPT FOR WHATEVER COMES YOUR WAY! What is ADAPT? It's a range of 8 stylish cases in a variety of colourways that help women  move from one role to . . . another in their lives.  Whether it's protecting your computer in  ADAPT laptop case or keeping your valuables safe and in one place whilst at the gym with ADAPT accessories case, ADAPT range has a useful case to help keep one organised! Crowdfunding! We were excited (and, if we are honest, a little nervous) about launching ADAPT through a crowdfunding campaign. The nerves stemmed from not having run a crowdfunding campaign for a number of years - not since we decided to sell Secret Projects and transform the business into the wonderful Community Benefit Society it is today, as we offered the opportunity for people to purchase shares. The nerves soon went as we embarked on the wild ride that is a crowdfunding campaign and we are absolutely delighted to shout proudly that we raised £1,200, and this has enabled us to begin production of ADAPT - our new range! Our Makers (the name we give to the groups of women who lovingly stitch our collections of clothing, accessories and homeware) have begun work on the range and we are beyond delighted to be able to offer these amazing women fairly paid work that uses their skills effectively and provides income to support themselves, their families and children. This is what lies at our very heart and why we exist. A huge thank you We can't of course announce this exciting project without saying a HUGE thank you to everyone who made a contribution to our crowdfunding campaign to get production of  ADAPT of the ground and up and running! We are very grateful to each and everyone of you. So, production of our latest product range begins, and we love the thought that we have helped to make life a little easier for women as they transition from one role to another in their lives. ADAPT for whatever comes your way!
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