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Secret Projects is committed to ensuring that we minimise our impact on the environment wherever possible. One of our initiatives is to reuse as much scrap material as we can from our main products, the Secret Pillow and Secret Sari Dress. We use the scraps to make Tiny Secret Pillows, which are made to the same basic design as the standard ones, but they include a small loop to hang on your Christmas tree! We also make bunting with leftover fabric, so you can co-ordinate with your favourite Secret Pillow.

We are about to launch a new product: A bag in a bag in a bag! Lined with waterproof fabric, and with a zip opening, there are 3 different sized bags and they are perfect wash / make up / accessory and travel bags. They are currently in production and we will be launching them soon.

We have more scrap-fabrics in the pipeline: a foldable shopping bag, necklaces and a clutch bag. We will be launching them in 2019. Watch this space!

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13 July 2020: India heads into another lockdown. Production slows at Secret Projects...

13 July 2020: India heads into another lockdown. Production slows at Secret Projects...

The government of India has announced new lockdowns across the country, with unsupported claims that these latest lockdowns could be in place for up . . . to 3 weeks. We await further news. Sadly, we have halted all production except that being done by our dedicated Quality Controller, Lissy, who will work from her home. (See photograph.) Lissy is currently working on some exciting new products, including our new range of Kimonos and we hope to launch these, and other latest editions to the Secret Products Collection in September. We send love and wish our staff team and our Makers across India the very, very best at this incredibly difficult time. Nirmala, our Country Director, will give another COVID-19 update in August's With Heart.
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 9th Nov 2018
 Fritha Mason

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