Work with us as a business

We are fortunate to be able to work with a number of highly reputable businesses who generously provide us with their services and expertise. Working with us in partnership, on a pro-bono and long term basis, they provide their know-how and skill to support our goal of empowering women and to grow our impact.

Please see below for our list of the businesses we are currently working with, along with details of their invaluable support.

Brunel IT are an IT Support and Consultancy firm who support us on a pro-bono, long term basis. Brunel IT, who are particularly experienced in cloud-based technology and have taken over the staging of our domains and consolidated our numerous computing software programmes. As a result, we are now able to work more efficiently and share digital assets much more easily between the UK, USA and India.

Crowdfunder is the UK’s no.1 crowdfunding platform. We have run a number of successful campaigns with Crowdfunder over several years totalling £150,000, most notably our 2019/2020 campaign, as we invited people to purchase shares in Secret Projects Community Benefit Society that raised £97,000.

Dsktp is a web design and business consultancy agency, owned and headed up by Rich Garner. Rich worked closely with us as we put together our commercial strategy, offering us expert coaching. He is also our web designer and hosts our main website, as well as our retail sites. He works tirelessly to understand the needs of our global company and supports us as we carve out the journeys for all our stakeholders using our website.

Hogan Lovells is an international law firm who offer their time and their considerable expertise to us on a pro-bono long term basis, providing us with invaluable support as we registered our trademarks for our Secret Pillow as well as the Secret Sari Dress. They also lend their knowledge to us as we draft formal service level agreements between Secret Projects and other businesses we work in partnership with.

Press Loft are a website portal that provide a place for brands and journalists to come together to share stories, product images and collaborate on projects. They generously offer us a 75% discount on their premium monthly service and very helpfully support us to improve the PR side of our business.

Webleaf is an e-commerce consultancy that works on hundreds of projects around the world partnering with investors, established e-retailers and startups. They have assisted us to develop a successful e-commerce strategy that has significantly increased our sales, as well as helping us to boost our presence on social media.

We are grateful for the excellent support that these businesses provide to Secret Projects to help us flourish. If you would like to discuss how your business could be involved, please go to our contact page here for  details about how to get in touch.