Why does Secret Projects offer discounts to our customers?

The global retail/e-commerce business is tough! There is absolutely no getting away from that! With the change in the high street, as shops close their doors and the growth of on-line shopping, Secret Projects needs to compete! 

It can be hard for ethical businesses to be competitive. At Secret Projects our margins are tight and our retail prices need to reflect the unique nature of our products that provide over 200 marginalised women throughout 5 Indian states with a good and fair income to support themselves and their families.  We need to make a profit of course, but there are many others factors to consider beyond profit. 

One of the ways we have found makes us an effective player and a force in this difficult environment, is to offer our customers a monthly discount on our merchandise. We choose a different item each month and invite our customers to shop our offers via social media and through direct marketing. 

It can be a balancing act. As many retailers know, customers don't want to be bombarded with emails and dull, repetitive social media posts, however people do want to know about offers. So we walk a fine line, between these 2 perspectives but firmly believe we need to get this important aspect of our business right. 

By offering our customers discounts, our sales increase and most importantly attracts new customers who take advantage of the offers to try out our products. With each product bought, especially by new customers our story of women's empowerment in India unfolds and our reputation grows, making our offers and discounts an effective tool towards our mission and vision.

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13 July 2020: India heads into another lockdown. Production slows at Secret Projects...

13 July 2020: India heads into another lockdown. Production slows at Secret Projects...

The government of India has announced new lockdowns across the country, with unsupported claims that these latest lockdowns could be in place for up . . . to 3 weeks. We await further news. Sadly, we have halted all production except that being done by our dedicated Quality Controller, Lissy, who will work from her home. (See photograph.) Lissy is currently working on some exciting new products, including our new range of Kimonos and we hope to launch these, and other latest editions to the Secret Products Collection in September. We send love and wish our staff team and our Makers across India the very, very best at this incredibly difficult time. Nirmala, our Country Director, will give another COVID-19 update in August's With Heart.
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 26th Feb 2020
 Fritha Mason

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