Press Release: Under 16's can own Secret Projects Community Benefit Society

 20th Jan 2021 |  Press |  Margaret Ring

Press Release: Under 16's can own Secret Projects

Date of release 20/12/19

There are an estimated 1.8 billion young people in the world between the ages of 10 and 24 either working, studying, trying to find their place in society and are the largest youth population the world has ever seen. As a group, they are engaged and passionate about working together to make a fairer and safer world and demand their collective voice is heard.

Inspired by influencers and role models like Greta Thunberg, the world has witnessed millions of children and young people taking to the streets to protest about the lack of government action globally to tackle climate change. Teenagers are asking their parents to no longer fill a Christmas stocking with gifts, turning their backs on consumerism and moving towards having less ‘stuff’ in their lives. Very young children are carrying metal straws in their pockets and backpacks, so as not to use plastic ones. There is a big rise in veganism among teenagers, not only for environmental reasons but to show compassion for sentient animals they share their planet with.

It’s not just the environment young people feel passionately about. They want to see a fairer word with no inequality, whether that’s gender, sexuality, finance or lack of opportunities based on cultural norms and distribution of wealth throughout the world. They are turning their backs on fast fashion, knowing that when fashion is fast, someone is losing out. 50% of the millennial generation have either rented or thought about renting clothing, rather than purchasing items they may only wear a handful of times. It’s a powerful sea change as they strive for equality for all, including those groups who are vulnerable and marginalised. Secret Projects Community Benefit Society, empowers women in India through the making and selling of clothing and home wares and recently launched a Community Share Offer. As an organisation, they took the decision to allow their shares to be purchased for under 16’s. Believing that there wouldn’t be much interest from this age group, they were amazed when children as young as 6 asked their parents to buy shares on their behalf. Some young people even asked for shares as a Christmas Gift. Secret Projects learned that these young people felt owning shares in a Community Benefit Society was an excellent way of working towards a fairer world and as shareholders have the right to vote at Secret Projects Annual Meeting ensuring their voice and thoughts are heard. Read the Secret Projects Community Share Offer here.



Under 16's Own Secret Projects Community Benefit Society!

A little bit about Secret Projects

· Secret Projects provides income generating opportunities for marginalised women in India through training and the making and selling of charming, foldable clothing and homeware.

· Our vision is a world where all women have the confidence and resources to make choices, thrive and contribute to the strengthening of their communities.

· The women of our Maker Community become part of our four-stage Virtual Training for Empowerment Programme with a longer term goal of setting up their own micro-enterprises, if this is something they would like to pursue.

· We work in 5 Indian states in regions where there are little or no employment opportunities, especially for women.

To date we have:

· We have trained over 500 women

· Established a regular monthly payment date for our Makers, which is a big help for the women with their household budgeting

· Our Makers have earned over £62,000

· Worked in 5 Indian states

To learn more about Secret Projects please visit our Learn About Us section on our website

Please find attached below a pdf copy of this press release for your reference.

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We have been named one of the top 100 Social Enterprises in the SE100 Index and Social Business Awards run by NatWest and Pioneers Post

We have been named one of the top 100 Social Enterprises in the SE100 Index and Social Business Awards run by NatWest and Pioneers Post

We have been named one of the top 100 Social Enterprises in the UK in the NatWest Bank SE100 Index and Social Business Awards. AND WE COULDN'T BE . . . PROUDER! We entered the competition earlier this year and put it to the back of our minds. We knew that we had done a good job with the application, highlighting our strengths as well as our plans for the future. However, the competition was going to be tough as there are so many brilliant Social Enterprises out there! Then the news came through that we had been named one of the top 100 UK Social Enterprises! We genuinely went into a bit of shock for a couple of minutes, wondering if what we were seeing was real! And then we screamed a little! This award means so much to us and, without wishing to sound like we are giving an Oscars acceptance speech, we wouldn't have recieved this honor without the unfailing support of our Customers, Shareholders and Friends. So, it's a well done to each and everyone of us. What is the SE100 Index and Social Business Award? The SE100 Index and Social Business Awards is run by NatWest Bank & Pioneers Post every year to name, celebrate and learn from the UK's 100 most impressive social enterprises. Learn more about this award here. What does being named one of the top 100 UK Social Enterprises in the SE100 Index and Social Business Awards mean to us? So much! It's wonderful to get a recognition that what we are doing is making an impact by such a presitgious organisation and award. To be counted in with 99 other excellent social enterprises is just wonderful and we want to give a shout out to all the top 100. It's so tough for social enteprises in this current climate and to receive this honor has really boosted our spirits, so thank you to the SE100 committee for recognising our work and to the entire Secret Projects team for working so hard our social enterprise the impactful organisation it is today.      
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Introducing our latest editorial creation - News from India

Introducing our latest editorial creation - News from India

Introducing News from India We are delighted to introduce our latest editorial creation - News from India, dropping in inboxes every 6 weeks. What's . . . it all about? News from India, begins with an update and introduction from Secret Projects India Director, Sumathi and is packed full of news about what our Makers (the name we give to the women who lovingly stitch our Ranges of Clothing and Homeware) are working on, how you can help us in our mission to empower women in India, plus lots of other information and announcements. With Heart With Heart, our long standing, monthly e-newsletter will still continue to be sen but will now mainly focus on our products, offers and new products. How to sign up to receive News from India and With Heart Please click the link here to sign up to receive both News from India and With Heart. If you already receive With Heart, you will automatically be sent News from India. Subscribing to News from India is one of the best ways to keep up with all things Secret Projects India and we hope you enjoy reading it as much as Sumathi and the team enjoy putting it together.   Photo: Sumathi's update from News from India. 
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Update on Molly's Sewing Unit - the producers of our Secret Sari Dress

Update on Molly's Sewing Unit - the producers of our Secret Sari Dress

Update on Molly's Sewing Unit – the producer of the SSD (Secret Sari Dress) Molly, as many of our Customers and Friends know, heads up her own sewing . . . unit in West Bengal, where there is an alarmingly high rate of human trafficking and provids young women with stitching work, who without an income are more at risk of falling into the hands of trafficking gangs. When we met Molly, (a number of years ago now) through an NGO, we knew that she was the perfect person to begin making our Secret Sari Dresses (SSD) and we worked together productively for over 2 years. She is very special to us, along with the young women. The effects of the pandemic for Molly and the unit When the pandemic hit, things became difficult for Molly and she had to temporarily close her unit to work as a Quality Controller in a garment factory, between lockdowns to provide money for her family. Throughout this time, we have kept in touch with Molly to support her. Molly has now been able to reopen her unit and has had some orders, which is great but things are still tough. She has been granted an export licence, which is no mean feat in India and we are so proud of this massive achievement. Our Finance Director, Banke is coaching her in how to effectively use this license as it will be hugely beneficial to her business. Future plans... We really want to be able to give Molly and the young women orders for more SSD's but before we are able to do this, we need to clear the current stock we have. So we can give work to Molly as soon as possible, we are offering 2 for 1 on all Secret Sari Dresses. Choose one for yourself and one for a friend (or keep both!). How it works... Choose your dress and go to the checkout and in the note box tell us the size and ideal colour way you would like for your second and free of charge SSD and we will do our best to match! It's like a managed lucky dip!!! The offer is available on all SSD's. Please note, the offer is currently only available for delivery to UK addresses with payment in Sterling. To shop, please click here What happens next... Once we have cleared the stock, we will work with Molly towards putting together brand new Collections of SSD's, which is such an exciting prospect and we all can't wait. Molly sends her love to everyone. Photo: Selfie taken by Molly (on far left) with some of her Makers. (Photograph used with permission.)
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