Press Release: Under 16's can own Secret Projects Community Benefit Society

 20th Jan 2021 |  Press |  Margaret Ring

Press Release: Under 16's can own Secret Projects

Date of release 20/12/19

There are an estimated 1.8 billion young people in the world between the ages of 10 and 24 either working, studying, trying to find their place in society and are the largest youth population the world has ever seen. As a group, they are engaged and passionate about working together to make a fairer and safer world and demand their collective voice is heard.

Inspired by influencers and role models like Greta Thunberg, the world has witnessed millions of children and young people taking to the streets to protest about the lack of government action globally to tackle climate change. Teenagers are asking their parents to no longer fill a Christmas stocking with gifts, turning their backs on consumerism and moving towards having less ‘stuff’ in their lives. Very young children are carrying metal straws in their pockets and backpacks, so as not to use plastic ones. There is a big rise in veganism among teenagers, not only for environmental reasons but to show compassion for sentient animals they share their planet with.

It’s not just the environment young people feel passionately about. They want to see a fairer word with no inequality, whether that’s gender, sexuality, finance or lack of opportunities based on cultural norms and distribution of wealth throughout the world. They are turning their backs on fast fashion, knowing that when fashion is fast, someone is losing out. 50% of the millennial generation have either rented or thought about renting clothing, rather than purchasing items they may only wear a handful of times. It’s a powerful sea change as they strive for equality for all, including those groups who are vulnerable and marginalised. Secret Projects Community Benefit Society, empowers women in India through the making and selling of clothing and home wares and recently launched a Community Share Offer. As an organisation, they took the decision to allow their shares to be purchased for under 16’s. Believing that there wouldn’t be much interest from this age group, they were amazed when children as young as 6 asked their parents to buy shares on their behalf. Some young people even asked for shares as a Christmas Gift. Secret Projects learned that these young people felt owning shares in a Community Benefit Society was an excellent way of working towards a fairer world and as shareholders have the right to vote at Secret Projects Annual Meeting ensuring their voice and thoughts are heard. Read the Secret Projects Community Share Offer here.



Under 16's Own Secret Projects Community Benefit Society!

A little bit about Secret Projects

· Secret Projects provides income generating opportunities for marginalised women in India through training and the making and selling of charming, foldable clothing and homeware.

· Our vision is a world where all women have the confidence and resources to make choices, thrive and contribute to the strengthening of their communities.

· The women of our Maker Community become part of our four-stage Virtual Training for Empowerment Programme with a longer term goal of setting up their own micro-enterprises, if this is something they would like to pursue.

· We work in 5 Indian states in regions where there are little or no employment opportunities, especially for women.

To date we have:

· We have trained over 500 women

· Established a regular monthly payment date for our Makers, which is a big help for the women with their household budgeting

· Our Makers have earned over £62,000

· Worked in 5 Indian states

To learn more about Secret Projects please visit our Learn About Us section on our website

Please find attached below a pdf copy of this press release for your reference.

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Our Appeal - help us to make and distribute 10,000 Secret Face Masks to communities in India

Our Appeal - help us to make and distribute 10,000 Secret Face Masks to communities in India

The brainchild of Sumathi, Director and Shin, Marketing Manager of Social Power India (SPI), we would like to introduce an appeal to provide Secret . . . Face Masks, produced by women from our Maker Community and given free of charge to communities in need throughout India. The details... We want to make and distribute 10,000 Secret Face Masks Sponsorship costs are £20/€25/$30 for a pack of 20 children's masks and £25/€30/$35 for a pack of 25 adult's face masks Backers of our appeal are able to sponsor multiple packs of Secret Face Masks One of the most positive aspects of our appeal lies in the fact that not only will we be providing vital face masks for those in need, but women from our Maker Community who are able to work from home during lockdown, as we don't operate from a factory, can continue production of the masks and receive an income to support themselves, their families, and children during this incredibly difficult time. To sponsor Secret Face Masks for India Please follow these instructions carefully Please head to our online retail shops by clicking the links below. (Shop in GBP, Euros or US Dollars) Sponsor Secret Face Masks in GBP Sponsor Secret Face Masks in Euros Sponsor Secret Face Masks in US Dollars Select how many packs of 20 Secret Face Masks you would like to sponsor to be distributed in India by SPI and add these to your basket. Next, click the link in point number 2 of the instructions to choose a pack of 5 Secret Face Masks for yourself (available in both adults and children's sizes) at £10/€14/$15 per pack (the shipping is free) and again, add to your basket.* Finally, follow the instructions to complete your purchase, providing a shipping address.* *Please note that due to Indian export regulations, we do require our Customers, Friends and Shareholders who would like to contribute to our Secret Face Mask sponsorship appeal to purchase at least one pack of 5 Secret Face Masks for themselves, to be shipped out of India to their address. As Bengaluru is currently in lock down, we will ship your Secret Face Masks as soon as the restrictions lift. These instructions are repeated when you go to our online shops! How we plan to distribute the face masks Initially, we plan to provide free face masks for whoever is in need in and around Bengaluru, where we are based and in Andhra Pradesh, South-East India and the Sundarbans in the Bay of Bengal, where we can work with our NGO partners. In and around Bengaluru Shin and Sumathi have many contacts in and around the area who can help us. We will give face masks to hospitals as well as marginalised communities in the city, where many of our Makers live. Andhra Pradesh and the Sundarbans In both these areas we have very good links with NGO's who work with groups of marginalised women. We will liaise with our partners and provide them with the necessary fabric and funds for local women's sewing groups to make the masks, and the NGO's will arrange for their distribution. One of the most positive aspects of our appeal lies in the fact that not only will we be providing vital face masks for those in need, but women from our Maker Community will stitch the masks and receive an income to support themselves, their families and children during this incredibly difficult time. Thank you so much for your support.
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Our response to the Covid-19 situation in India. An update

Our response to the Covid-19 situation in India. An update

Many of us will have heard the distressing news from India about the shocking rate that the 2nd wave of Covid-19 is spreading throughout the country . . . and the tragic consequences. We are in constant touch with our team in India, who will be working from home for at least the next 14 days, as a lockdown has just been announced in Karnataka, the southern state where Secret Projects is based. All the team are well and have been working in as safe an environment as possible for the last year, ensuring that no-one enters the unit unless a member of the team or one of the Secret Projects Makers, washing hands regularly, always practising social distancing, plus keeping windows open. The team is making every effort to keep in touch with the Secret Projects Maker Community, calling Makers and doing everything they can to maintain contact. We have recently had an update from Molly, Leader of Molly's Sewing Unit, where our Secret Sari Dresses are made, telling us she too is well at present and staying positive. The safety and well-being of the team and our Makers is paramount, and we are supporting them from the UK in every way possible. Our 'USP' of not operating from a factory is proving invaluable during this time, as our Makers can work from home. Please continue to place orders for Secret Products to support our Makers as they work from home, to help continue to provide them with the necessary income they need to buy food and medicines, so vital during the pandemic. Click the link below to discover the numerous ways to shop for Secret Products. We know that you are joining us in keeping India in your thoughts.
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Our CEO takes part in 'The Psychology of Successful Women Podcast'. Listen and be inspired!

Our CEO takes part in 'The Psychology of Successful Women Podcast'. Listen and be inspired!

The Psychology of Successful Women Podcast with International Performance and Mind-set Consultant and Inspirational Speaker, Shona Rowan explores the . . . mindset, behaviour and success strategies of high-achieving women. Secret Projects CEO, Fritha Mason was recently invited to take part in this inspiration series to talk about her own journey in the business world as founder and CEO of Secret Projects. It's a fascinating conversation between Shona and Fritha, providing much insight not just into the passion that drove Fritha to found Secret Projects, but what drives her on a daily basis to keep moving forward and surmount the various challenges and obstacles she encounters as a business woman. To listen to the full Podcast click HERE  
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