Fairtrade - Secret Projects Gets the Go Ahead!

We are incredibly excited to announce that Secret Projects has received the green light to become a provisional member of The World Fair Trade Organistion (WFTO). We have always stood for fairness, ensuring that our Maker Groups are paid a decent price per piece, helping to empower women in India to have worthwhile, fulfilling, secure livelihoods and working with WFTO has long been one of our dreams.

The journey to becoming a Verified Fair Trade Producer is comprehensive and thorough, involving a full audit of our Maker Groups in the 5 Indian states where we work. We are honoured to have been given this opportunity to become part of such a highly respected organisation. We will be posting regular updates as we go through the process and look forward to being able to proudly display the WFTO logo on our merchandise in the future.

Since our first crowdfunding campaign in 2013 where we secured an order for 500 Secret Pillows, we have gone onto fulfill a further 9 successful Crowdfunding campaigns, which has given us the ability to expand on our product range and we now have over 10 different products available to buy on our website https://www.secretprojects.org/. The original Secret Pillow is now available in over 50 fabric designs and has been sold in 15 countries around the world.

Picture: Shylaja is a Secret Leader of one of our Maker Groups. Shylaja used the money earned from making Secret Pillows to place a deposit down for a unit on the main road next to her community in Bengaluru.

Picture: One of our Secret Sari dresses. A beautifully unique and adaptable dress that can take you from the beach to a restaurant.

Secret Projects does not walk alone on our journey, every single person that places an order joins us in our mission to empower women in India to have a sustainable future. The more people we can encourage to buy Fair Trade products the better it is for our environment, securing a healthier future for us and our children.

Our journey is continually evolving…

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13 July 2020: India heads into another lockdown. Production slows at Secret Projects...

The government of India has announced new lockdowns across the country, with unsupported claims that these latest lockdowns could be in place for up . . . to 3 weeks. We await further news. Sadly, we have halted all production except that being done by our dedicated Quality Controller, Lissy, who will work from her home. (See photograph.) Lissy is currently working on some exciting new products, including our new range of Kimonos and we hope to launch these, and other latest editions to the Secret Products Collection in September. We send love and wish our staff team and our Makers across India the very, very best at this incredibly difficult time. Nirmala, our Country Director, will give another COVID-19 update in August's With Heart.
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 25th Sep 2019
 Fritha Mason

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